The Waterloo Music Bar
The Waterloo Music Bar

Gig Listing 2018

Whats Coming up in 2018.




Friday 5th  Nick Gribbon's 70th Birthday Party (All Welcome)

                     Ft. Adrian Gautry & The Amazing Paul Kappa 


Saturday 6th       BAND ROOM CLOSED


Friday 12th          BAND ROOM CLOSED


Saturday 13th     BAND ROOM CLOSED


Friday 19th  The Poly-esters plus Dischord & Du Pig


Saturday 20th  Roddy Byers ( The Specials ) & the Ska Billy Rebels.  Tickets available @ We Got Tickets or the Venue £10


Friday 26th


Saturday 27th  The Gallerys plus The Getsettes




Friday 2nd  Black Eddy EP Launch plus Oceans over Alderaan, Du Pig, Dischord & Three Headed Monkey £3 Entry


Saturday 3rd  Machine Rages On plus Audioslaved & Sick,Sick, Sick  (RATM, Audioslave & QOYSA Tributes) £5 Entry


Sunday 4th   Spunk Volcano plus Hospital Food, Dead                                                Objectives & CSOD


Friday 9th  Moods plus Eye The Bomb & The Shady 80's                                                                                                               Doors £5


Saturday 10th  13 Stars plus The King Lot, Cat Called Dog


Friday 16th  Resistance 77 plus No Thrills & Boggy Formby


Saturday 17th  AC/BC


Sunday 18th  DeStijl plus guests


Friday 23rd  The Zipheads plus Camulus, Hobo King and the                                                            Freight Train. Doors £4


Saturday 24th  Dirty Work plus guests Tongue Of Fire





               MARCH OF THE MODS 2K18   Tickets available @

                                    SeeTickets or The Venue

     DJ Sets from. Ollie Thompson, Alan Christy, Tom Hodkin,                 Norman Haslam III, Daren Squires, Jake Robinson


Friday 2nd  The Portobello Set, Marquis Drive & The Jam                                                                                             Collective                                                    

Saturday 3rd  Heavy Sol, The Immediates, The Signatures, Proper, Nat Griff & The Electric Stars (Ft Turner)


Sunday 4th  Deeper Purple (Deep Purple Tribute) plus special guests Demon Pixies. Free Entry. Doors 6pm


Friday 9th   Vomit plus Logoz, On Crash Sunday & May                                       Contain Nuts 


Saturday 10th  Blood Bikers Charity Event, Details TBC                


Friday 16th  The Sabbath Years (Europes Premier Black Sabbath Tribute) plus guests Tounge of Fire Doors £5


Saturday 17th  Bulletboys & Enuff z Nuff Tickets £17adv £20 otd. Tickets available from the Venue or Seetickets 


Friday 23rd  Stevie Pearce & The Hooligans plus The Sentom                                           Bombs & tbc


Saturday 24th  Elektrio


Sunday 25th  Warrior Soul plus Soldato, Avarus. Tickets £7.50 Adv or £10 Otd. Ticket purchase Seetickets or the Venue 


                       ANARCHY @ THE WATERLOO 2K18

               Tickets Available @ SeeTickets or The Venue 


Friday 30th  GBH, The Varukers plus guests


Saturday 31st  Abrasive Wheels, XSLF plus  guests                                                         




Sunday 1st  The Vibrators, Eastfield plus guests


Friday 6th  Shotglass


Saturday 7th  Buster Shuffle (CANCELLED) TO BE RE-ARRANGED


Tuesday 10th  Sonic Boom Six plus Templeton Pek/Eye The Bomb/Sally Pepper  Tickets £10 Adv  £14 Otd. Available from Seetickets & The Venue


Friday 13th  The Jam'd (The Jam Tribute) Tickets £8adv £10otd


Saturday 14th  KISS GB & AC/BC    £8 Otd


Sunday 15th  Gorilla Riot plus Guests


Friday 20th  Setantii Mcc Event Ft. Sick Sick Sick, 5th Element & Boomshanka.       Entry a tin of Food


Saturday 21st  Black Rose (Europes Premier Thin Lizzy Tribute)

                                  Tickets £6adv £8otd


Friday 27th  The Kite Club Presents John Verity (Argent)


Saturday 28th  Rupert Fabulous





Friday 4th  Voodoo Blood plus Avarus, Sky Valley Mistress.                                                                                                Doors £3


Saturday 5th  Dirty Work


Sunday 6th  Chris Holmes Mean Man 2018 Tour. Tickets Available via Seetickets and The Venue Tickets £10



Friday 11th   The Kite Club Presents Sari Schorr & Band

                  Tickets on sale now via Seetickets & The Venue                                             

Saturday 12th  The Circles & The Immediates. Tickets from SeeTickets or The Venue £7 in Adv £10 Door


Sunday 13th  L6 In Session, Blackpool Sixth Showcase Feeturing 5 Young and Upcoming Local Bands £2 Entry


Friday 18th   Foo Fighters GB.  Entry £6 otd   


Saturday 19th  TBC


Sunday 20th  Jizzy Pearl's LOVE/HATE plus Doomsday Outlaw, Emperors of the Wasteland  Tickets £10 from SeeTickets or The Venue


Friday 25th  The Kite Club Presents Kent Du Chain


Saturday 26th  Rupert Fabulous






Friday 1st  Andy Holt Equinox (A Tribute to Pink Floyd)                                                                                              Doors £5                                                                    

Saturday 2nd  The Heat


Friday 8th  The Kite Club Presents, Chantel McGregor plus                               Guests Cat Called Dog. Tickets from Seetickets or                                                    The Venue £14.00


Saturday 9th  Letz-Zep 50th Aniversary World Tour. Tickets £12 Available from Seetickets and The Venue


Sunday 10th  Bosh Claret (1pm) For The Lancashire Scooter Alliance Mods & Rockers Rally


Friday 15th  ROXXFEST 50th Senton Bombs plus The Midnight Dogs, Psychobabylon


Saturday 16th  Secret Affair plus Guests Tickets £15 available                                from Seetickets and The Venue


                     A Tribute to Grunge Night  £5adv  £7otd

Friday 22st  Angry Hair, Pearl Scam, Mehavana 

                          (Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana)   


Saturday 23rd  Green Haze (Green Day Tribute) Plus Guests Sick Sick Sick (QOTSA Tribute) Doors £4


Sunday 24th  Chris Holmes (Legendary WASP & Mean Man Guitarist)  BIG 60 Suprise Party FREE ENTRY Doors 6pm


Friday 29th  Jeramiah Ferrari plus guests


Saturday 30th  Marquis Drive. The Ultimate 90's Tribute





Friday 6th  Kid Klumsy plus Plutonium & Weekend Recovery                                                                                         £5 Entry


Saturday 7th  12 Paces


Friday 13th  Woasis (Oasis Tribute) Entry £5otd Doors 7pm


Saturday 14th   Bines plus The Atmospherics


Sunday 15th  Berlin Blackouts plus The Polyesters


Friday 20th   Aladdinsane plus The Getsettes & DJ Gaz Heckman  Free Entry, Doors 7pm


Saturday 21st  Deep Six plus Beat Pack. Doors £5


Thursday 26th  The Amorettes plus Tequila Mockingbyrd & Gorilla Riot. Tickets available from the venue & seetickets  Entry £8adv £10otd Doors 7pm


Friday 27th   SHIVER


Saturday 28th   BBC Introduces DJ Woody plus Eye The Bomb. FREE ENTRY (This Show Will Be Filmed For A BBC Documentary For TV)


Sunday 29th  





Friday 3rd  Korn Again (Europes Premier Korn Tribute)

                            Plus Guests Avarus. Doors £5


Saturday 4th  The Glitterballs


Sunday 5th  Sunburst Records Tour


Friday 10th  Bootleg Police (Police Tribute) Doors £5


Saturday 11th  AC/BC


Sunday 12th  Ryders Creed plus Guests. Entry £5, Doors 6pm


Friday 17th  Stillia plus Kryis, The Grey Skys & Carl Morris. Tickets    £5adv  £6.50otd  Doors 7pm


Saturday 18th  Elektrio


Thursday 23rd  Graham Bonnet Band, plus guest's Tickets £15 available from Seetickets and The Venue


Friday 24th  Shotglass


Saturday 25th  Venezuela Venezuela plus The Otherness


Sunday 26th  Smokin' Monkey Farewell Charity Gig for Trinity                                                       Hospice


Friday 31st  The Total Stone Roses & Happy Mondaze, Tickets £8 available from The Venue or Seetickets 




Saturday 1st  The Moods plus Guests £5adv £7otd


Sunday 2nd   Blaze Bayley (Wolfsbane & Iron Maiden) Tickets £10  Available From Seetickets or The Venue. Doors 7pm


Thursday 6th  The Erotics plus Guests


Friday 7th  Backstreet Thunder & Nicklebacked £5otd                                                 (Thunder & Nickleback Tribute)


Saturday 8th  AKA Noel Gallagher Doors £5


Sunday 9th  Dirty Music For Dirty People - Run Into The Night, Yur Mum & Drop Out Wives  £2 otd


Friday 14th Coast Town Fringe Event


Saturday 15th  Guns or Roses. Europes Premier G'n'R Tribute

                                                                       Doors £5


Sunday 16th  Coast Town Fringe Event


Friday 21st  True Order & Transmission (New Order & Joy Division Tributes) Doors £8


Saturday 22nd  Ferocious Dog plus Guests Tickets £15 Available from The Venue &


Sunday 23rd  Kris Barras Band plus Guests. Tickets £12 from The Venue & tbc. Doors 7pm


Wednesday 26th Warwick & Johnson Unplugged & Dangerous. Tickets available from The Venue & Seetickets £15adv £18otd


Friday 28th  The Kite Club presents. The Marcus Sibun Band.                                                            £12 entry on the door


Saturday 29th    Blackpool Music Festival presents TBC


Sunday 30th  Blackpool Music Festival presents. TBC





Tuesday 2nd  Sinnergod plus Avarus. Doors 7pm


Friday 5th  X-Cat Trio plus tbc, tbc


Saturday 6th  Modrophenia Ft The Lambrettas Tickets £15 Available from & The Venue


Sunday 7th  Laura Cox plus Guests £10  Doors 6.30pm


Thursday 11th  The Kite Club Presents Catfish Keith. £10 Entry


Friday 12th  The Chords plus Guests. Entry £5, Doors 7pm


Saturday 13th  Elektric Dreams


Sunday 14th  Hogjaw plus Soldato Tickets £7.50adv £10otd Available From The Venue or


Thursday 18th  Bigfoot plus guests.  £10adv, £12otd Tickets Available from The Venue and Seetickets


Friday 19th  Wrong Jovi (Europes Premier Bon Jovi Tribute)           plus Johnny Bullitt & The Promise. Entry £8otd, Doors 7pm


Saturday 20th  Blue Pig Orchestra


Sunday 21st  Grade 2 plus The Scumbrians £5otd


Wednesday 24th  Skinny Molly £15adv £18otd Tickets available from Seetickets & The Venue. Doors 7pm


Thursday 25th Tyber & Peter plus Millie Manders (SOLD OUT)


Friday 26th  The Dualers plus Millie Manders (SOLD OUT)


Saturday 27th  Rupert Fabulous Halloween Hootenanny





Friday 2nd  Setantii Mcc presents The Living Deads plus Soldato & The Demon Pixies. Donation on the door for Brian House Childrens Hospice


Saturday 3rd  The Immediates


Sunday 4th  Goldray (Kenwyn House from REEF) plus Guests £tbc Doors 6.30pm


Wednesday 7th  SNEW plus guests The Spangles


Thursday 8th  Junkyard plus The Fiascos Tickets available from Seetickets & The Venue £12.50adv £15.00otd


Friday 9th  Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons Tickets £17.50 Available from The Venue and Coast Town Events Blackpool


Saturday 10th  The Heat


Sunday 11th Massive, Ryders Creed & Smoking Martha.

                                                                                Doors £8.00


Thursday 15th  Supersuckers plus Senton Bombs & Apriori

       Tickets from Seetickets & The Venue £12.50adv £15otd


Friday 16th  Surreal Panther (Steal Panther Tribute) plus                                             guests Pussywhipped Doors £5


Saturday 17th   Special Kinda Madness. Tickets available from The Venue and Seetickets £10


Sunday 18th  UK SUB'S plus Proletariat, Fukdust 4 - Tickets £10 adv  or £12.50 otd. Available from Seetickets or The Venue


Friday 23rd  Geoff Tate's Operation Mindcrime Tickets  £17.50 Available from The Venue and


Saturday 24th  Link N' Park & Deftones Uk Doors £5

                         (Linkin Park & Deftones Tribute)


Sunday 25th  The Sixpounder plus Avarus & Daybreaker


Thursday 29th  The Quireboys plus guests Tickets from The Venue and Seetickets £17.00adv £20otd


Thursday 29th  London Calling (Clash Tribute) plus guests Borrowed Time THE TACHE CORPORATION ST,  BLACKPOOL, FY1 4NY. Tickets £8adv £10otd. Available from Seetickets, The Waterloo & The Brew Room.



Friday 30th  Sinnerboy (Rory Gallagher Tribute) Doors £5





Saturday 1st  Elektrio


Friday 7th  Woasis (Oasis Tribute) plus Atmospherics




Saturday 8th  The Moment plus Heavy Sol, Time Sellers, The Sha La La's, Turner, The Sound of Pop Art, The Theme & DJ Gaz Heckman. Tickets £20 from Seetickets & The Venue. 


Sunday 9th  Beast Decoys (Beastie Boys Tribute) plus guests £5otd. Doors 6pm


Thursday 13th  The Urban Voodoo Machine.  Tickets from The Venue & Seetickets £12adv £15otd


Friday 14th  Electric Dreams 80's Tribute


Saturday 15th   YOU plus Crooked Shapes. Free Entry


Friday 21st  Massive Wagons plus Senton Bombs, Stevie Pearce & The Hooligans, (SOLD OUT)


Saturday 22nd  Dirty Work


Friday 28th  Tofu Fighters (Foo Fighters Tribute)


Saturday 29th  Rupert Fabulous


Monday 31st