The Waterloo Music Bar
The Waterloo Music Bar

Gig Listing 2019

What's coming up in 2019.






FRIDAY 4th Nick Gribbon's Birthday Bash Ft. The Adrian Guatry Band & The Ace Coltrane Gang. FREE ENTRY. Doors 7pm


FRIDAY 18th Hang Tight Presents, Jay Thackery plus Jake Baxter, Steve McCartney, All We Know. FREE ENTRY. Doors


SATURDAY 19th Tom Hingley`s The Karpets plus The Calls & The Protagonists. Tickets £6adv £8otd, Doors 7.30pm


FRIDAY 25th The Kite Club Presents Norman Beaker £5otd. Doors 7.30pm


SATURDAY 26th Scorpyns plus Syked (Scorpions & John Sykes Tribute) Tickets £8adv £10otd. Doors 7.30pm


SUNDAY 27th WMB Punk Events Present 999 plus Dead Objectives & Complete Dysfunction £5otd. Doors 5pm


WEDNESDAY 30th The Casualties plus Litterbug & Discord £10otd




FRIDAY 1st Vigil Of War & Voodoo Blood plus Run into the Night. £5otd. Doors 7.30pm


SATURDAY 2nd Pearl Scam, Alice In Chains UK & Faith No Man (Pearl Jam, AIC & Faith No More Tribute) £6otd


SUNDAY 3rd Tony Wright plus the Zipheads £10adv £13otd


THURSDAY 7th Gin Anne plus Guests £5otd


FRIDAY 8th Triple J (JJJ) Jeff Rich (Status Quo)  plus Guests £10adv from Coast Town Events


SATURDAY 9th Rupert Fabulous. Free Entry


SUNDAY 10th Real Deal Record & CD Fair  9am - 4pm


SUNDAY 10th Black Eddy plus Guests Du Pig, The Awkwards. Free Entry


FRIDAY 15th The Ramonas plus The Polyesters £5otd


SATURDAY 16th Electric Circus (WASP Tribute) plus guests. Free Entry


SUNDAY 17th We Are The Catalyst plus guests Avarus, Promethium & Sin Circus. £5otd


FRIDAY 22nd A Foreigners Journey (Foreigner & Journey Tribute) £8otd


SATURDAY 23rd Dr Diablo & The Rodent Show plus guests. Free Entry


SUNDAY 24th Dr Feelgood plus guests £15adv £18otd




FRIDAY 1st March of the Mods Ft The Rics, Marquis Drive, The Modern Apes & The 48K's


SATURDAY 2nd March of the Mods Ft The Thieves, Yeh Yeh, The Getsettes, The Ska 45's & The Immediates


                     Tickets Friday Only  £8adv £10otd

                     Tickets Saturday Only  £10adv £12otd

                   Weekend Tickets  £12.50adv £15otd


SUNDAY 3rd Tbc


WEDNESDAY 6th Myke Gray Band plus guests £10adv £14otd


FRIDAY 8th The Kite Club Presents Big Boy Bloater & The Limits plus guests £12adv £15otd


SATURDAY 9th Elektrio - Free Entry


TUESDAY 12th Wildstreet plus L.A. Cobra & Strykenine £10otd


FRIDAY 15th Phantom Voices plus Banter. £12adv £15otd


SATURDAY 16th Metal Militia (Metallica Tribute) £5adv £8otd


SUNDAY 17th Electric Boys plus Guests £17adv £20otd


FRIDAY 22nd XSLF plus The Acid Tongue & The Apparents. Free Entry


SATURDAY 23rd The Heat. Free Entry


SUNDAY 24th The Treatment plus Airrace £10adv £14otd


FRIDAY 29th The Jokers plus Guests £5otd


SATURDAY 30th Ultimate Coldplay (Coldplay Tribute) £8adv £10otd




FRIDAY 5th Jizzy Pearl (Love/Hate Songs & Words Tour) plus guests £10adv £12otd


SATURDAY 6th Buster Shuffle plus guests £5otd




Thursday 11th TBC


FRIDAY 12th Mike Tramp (White Lion/Freak of Nature Acoustic) plus guest Rob Wylde (Tigertailz/Midnight City) £10adv £13otd


SATURDAY 13th Viva Morrissey £5otd


SUNDAY 14th Real Deal Record & CD Fair  9am - 4pm


SUNDAY 14th Goldray (Kenwyn Jones, Reef) plus guests Thirteen Stars & Run Into The Night  £8adv £10otd


FRIDAY 19th - SUNDAY 21st Anarchy @ The Waterloo (Punk Weekend)


                          Tickets Friday Only £12.50adv £15otd

                        Tickets Saturday Only £12.50adv £15otd

                         Tickets Sunday Only £12.50adv £15otd

                              Weekend Tickets £30adv £35otd


FRIDAY 26th Kite Club Presents Chantel McGregor plus guests The Otherness £10otd


SATURDAY 27th Raven Rocks Stormbringer Tour, guests Pulverise, Jessies Divide, Surrge & Snake Oil Remedy £6otd


SUNDAY 28th Luke Appleton (Absolva/Iced Earth Acoustic) plus guests £5otd




FRIDAY 3rd Waterloo MOD Events present French Boutique plus guests. Free Entry


SATURDAY 4th - SUNDAY 5th Bad Ass Bash Ft. Vicious Nature, Gin Anne, Cadence Noir, Heartbreak Remedy ,Senton Bombs plus more tba. Weekend Tickets £11.50adv, Day Tickets £10adv. Limited tickets available on the day.


THURSDAY 9th Kite Club Presents Stevie Nimmo Trio plus guests £


FRIDAY 10th Punk Events Present Eastfield plus Boredom & Kill Spector. Free Entry


SATURDAY 11th Rupert Fabulous, Free Entry


SUNDAY 12th Deeper Purple plus guests £8adv, Tickets available from Coast Town Events.


FRIDAY 17th Grainne Duffy plus guests £8adv £10otd Tickets available from We Got Tickets. Com


SATURDAY 18th Marquis Drive, The Immediates & Heavy Sol, Free Entry


SUNDAY 19th Dick Valentine Acoustic (Electric 6) Tickets £8adv £10otd


FRIDAY 24th Stevie R Pearce & The Hooligans plus The Erotics & Takeaway Thieves £5otd


SATURDAY 25th Letz Zep (Led Zeppelin Tribute) £Tbc




FRIDAY 31st Lizzie & the Banshees plus Sedated, Free Entry




SATURDAY 1st Hang Tight Festival Ft. In Visions, Rxptrs, On Hollow Ground, Avarus, Tickets available from Hang Tight Promotions or £15adv








FRIDAY 14th Happy Mondaze plus guests £5otd


SUNDAY 16th The Varukers plus The Awkwards & Concussion £5adv £7.50otd


FRIDAY 28th Motley Crude plus Poisoned (Motley Crue & Poison Tribute) £6otd


SATURDAY 29th Dirty Work, Free Entry




FRIDAY 5th The Membranes plus guests £8adv £10otd


SATURDAY 6th Elektrio. Free Entry


SUNDAY 7th Punk Events Present, Wasted Life plus guests. Free Entry


SATURDAY 13th The Immediates. Free Entry


SATURDAY 27th Richard 3rd. Free Entry


SUNDAY 28th Punk Events Present "Road 2 Rebellion" Bands to be announced soon




FRIDAY 2nd True Order & Laid (New Order & James Tribute) £6otd


SATURDAY 3rd Boomshanka. Free Entry


FRIDAY 9th Equinox (The Pink Floyd Experience) £5otd


SATURDAY 10th Guns or Roses (Guns N Roses Tribute) £6otd


FRIDAY 16th Waterloo Mod Events Present, Who's Next (The Who Tribute) £5otd


SATURDAY 17th Green Haze & One Eighty Two (Green Day & Blink 182 Tribute) £10adv £13otd




SATURDAY 24th Smokin Monkey Charity Party Ft, Smokin Monkey & Dirty Work 


SUNDAY 25th Blaze Bayley plus Avarus £10adv £13otd


FRIDAY 30th The Total Stone Roses plus guests £8adv £10otd


SATURDAY 31st Cydonia Knights (MUSE TRIBUTE) plus guests £6otd




FRIDAY 6th Apriori plus guests


SATURDAY 7th AKA Noel Gallagher £5otd


FRIDAY 13th Cult Fiction plus 


SATURDAY 14th Sentom Bombs plus guests, Free Entry


FRIDAY 27th KISS GB & Dizzy Lizzy (KISS & THIN LIZZY Tribute) £8otd


SATURDAY 28th Elektrio.  Free Entry




SATURDAY 5th Dirty Work


FRIDAY 11th Kite Club Presents The Stumble plus Guests 


SATURDAY 12th Special Kind Of Madness £10adv £14otd Tickets Available From Seetickets


SATURDAY 26th Rupert Fabulous's Halloween Hootenanny. Free Entry




FRIDAY 1st Tbc


SATURDAY 2nd The Machine Rages On plus Deftones UK £5otd


FRIDAY 8th - SUNDAY 10th Highway To Hellfest III Details To Be Announced Soon


FRIDAY 15th Backstreet Thunder & Lovehunter (Thunder & Whitesnake Tribute) £8otd


SATURDAY 16th Bob On, Free Entry


FRIDAY 22nd Kite Club Presents Sinnerboy £5otd


SATURDAY 23rd The Heat, Free Entry


FRIDAY 29th The Urban Voodoo Machine £12adv £15otd 


SATURDAY 30th Twelve Paces, Free Entry




FRIDAY 6th Woasis plus Appy Mundays (Oasis & Happy Mondays Tribute) £10adv £13otd 


SATURDAY 7th The Mod Christmas Ball, Details to come soon






SATURDAY 21st Dirty Work's Christmas Monkey Buisness Ft. Dirty Work & Smokin Monkey. Free Entry


SATURDAY 28th Rupert Fabulous New Year Warm Up.

Free Entry