The Waterloo Music Bar
The Waterloo Music Bar

Gig Listing 2019

What's coming up in 2019.






FRIDAY 4th Nick Gribbon's Birthday Bash Ft. The Adrian Guatry Band & The Ace Coltrane Gang. FREE ENTRY. Doors 7pm


FRIDAY 18th Hang Tight Presents, Jay Thackery plus Jake Baxter, Steve McCartney, All We Know. FREE ENTRY. Doors


SATURDAY 19th Tom Hingley`s The Karpets plus The Calls & The Protagonists. Tickets £6adv £8otd, Doors 7.30pm


FRIDAY 25th The Kite Club Presents Norman Beaker £5otd. Doors 7.30pm


SATURDAY 26th Scorpyns plus Syked (Scorpions & John Sykes Tribute) Tickets £8adv £10otd. Doors 7.30pm


SUNDAY 27th WMB Punk Events Present 999 plus Dead Objectives & Complete Dysfunction £5otd. Doors 5pm


WEDNESDAY 30th The Casualties plus Litterbug & Discord £10otd




FRIDAY 1st Vigil Of War & Voodoo Blood plus Run into the Night. £5otd. Doors 7.30pm


SATURDAY 2nd Pearl Scam, Alice In Chains UK & Faith No Man (Pearl Jam, AIC & Faith No More Tribute) £6otd


SUNDAY 3rd Tony Wright plus the Zipheads £10adv £13otd


THURSDAY 7th Gin Anne plus Guests £5otd


FRIDAY 8th Triple J (JJJ) Jeff Rich (Status Quo)  plus Guests £7otd


SATURDAY 9th Rupert Fabulous. Free Entry


SUNDAY 10th Real Deal Record & CD Fair  9am - 4pm


SUNDAY 10th Black Eddy plus Guests Du Pig, The Awkwards. Free Entry


FRIDAY 15th The Ramonas plus The Polyesters £5otd


SATURDAY 16th Electric Circus (WASP Tribute) plus guests. Free Entry


SUNDAY 17th We Are The Catalyst plus guests Avarus, Promethium & Sin Circus. FREE ENTRY


FRIDAY 22nd Syteria plus guests. Free Entry


SATURDAY 23rd Dr Diablo & The Rodent Show plus guests. Free Entry


SUNDAY 24th Dr Feelgood plus guests £15adv £18otd




FRIDAY 1st March of the Mods Ft The Rics, Marquis Drive, The Modern Apes & The 48K's


SATURDAY 2nd March of the Mods Ft The Thieves, Yeh Yeh, The Getsettes, The Ska 45's & The Immediates


                     Tickets Friday Only  £8adv £10otd

                     Tickets Saturday Only  £10adv £12otd

                   Weekend Tickets  £12.50adv £15otd




WEDNESDAY 6th Myke Gray Band plus guest Kimberley Jennett £10adv £14otd


THURSDAY 7th Blackwater Conspiracy plus Guests £10adv


FRIDAY 8th The Kite Club Presents Big Boy Bloater & The Limits plus guests £12adv £15otd


SATURDAY 9th Elektrio - Free Entry


TUESDAY 12th Wildstreet plus L.A. Cobra & Strykenine £8otd


THURSDAY 14th Beast Decoys £5adv £7otd


FRIDAY 15th Phantom Voices plus Banter. £12adv £15otd


SATURDAY 16th Metal Militia (Metallica Tribute) £5adv £8otd


SUNDAY 17th Electric Boys plus Guests £17adv £20otd


FRIDAY 22nd XSLF plus The Acid Tongue & The Apparents. Free Entry


SATURDAY 23rd The Heat. Free Entry


SUNDAY 24th The Treatment plus Airrace £10adv £14otd


FRIDAY 29th The Jokers plus Guests £5otd


SATURDAY 30th Ultimate Coldplay (Coldplay Tribute) £8adv £10otd


SUNDAY 31st Rare Americans plus Eye The Bomb & The Poly-esters




THURSDAY 4th  Burning Rain Stripped & Naked Ft. Doug Aldrich & Keith St John. £15adv £18otd. Seetickets & The Venue


FRIDAY 5th Jizzy Pearl (Love/Hate Songs & Words Tour) plus guests £10adv £12otd


SATURDAY 6th Buster Shuffle plus guests £5otd


SUNDAY 7th Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind plus Shallow Waters £10adv


WEDNESDAY 10th The Meteors plus Guests. £15adv  £18otd. Tickets available from our ticket link.


THURSDAY 11th The Toasters plus guests £10adv


FRIDAY 12th Mike Tramp (White Lion/Freak of Nature Acoustic) plus guest Rob Wylde (Tigertailz/Midnight City) £10adv £13otd


SATURDAY 13th Viva Morrissey £5otd


SUNDAY 14th Real Deal Record & CD Fair  9am - 4pm


SUNDAY 14th Goldray (Kenwyn Jones, Reef) plus guests Thirteen Stars & Run Into The Night  £8adv £10otd


FRIDAY 19th - SUNDAY 21st Anarchy @ The Waterloo (Punk Weekend)


                          Tickets Friday Only £12.50adv £15otd

                        Tickets Saturday Only £12.50adv £15otd

                         Tickets Sunday Only £12.50adv £15otd

                              Weekend Tickets £30adv £35otd


FRIDAY 26th Kite Club Presents Chantel McGregor plus guests The Otherness £14adv


SATURDAY 27th Raven Rocks Stormbringer Tour, guests Pulverise, Jessies Divide, Surrge & Snake Oil Remedy £6otd


SUNDAY 28th Luke Appleton (Absolva/Iced Earth Acoustic) plus guests £5otd




WEDNESDAY 1st  The Amourettes plus guests £8otd


FRIDAY 3rd Waterloo MOD Events present French Boutique plus guests. 


SATURDAY 4th - SUNDAY 5th Bad Ass Bash Ft. Vicious Nature, Gin Anne, Cadence Noir, Heartbreak Remedy ,Senton Bombs plus more tba. Weekend Tickets £11.50adv, Day Tickets £10adv. Limited tickets available on the day.


THURSDAY 9th Kite Club Presents Stevie Nimmo Trio plus guests £


FRIDAY 10th Punk Events Present Eastfield plus Boredom & Kill Spector. Free Entry


SATURDAY 11th Rupert Fabulous, Free Entry


SUNDAY 12th Deeper Purple plus guests £8adv, Tickets available from Coast Town Events.


FRIDAY 17th  Porcelain Hill & The Howling Tides


SATURDAY 18th Marquis Drive, The Immediates & Heavy Sol, Free Entry


SUNDAY 19th Dick Valentine Acoustic (Electric 6) Tickets £8adv £10otd


THURSDAY 23rd The Wildhearts plus guests SOLD OUT


FRIDAY 24th  The Erotics & Takeaway Thieves. FREE ENTRY


SATURDAY 25th Letz Zep (Led Zeppelin Tribute) £12adv £15otd


SUNDAY 26th Warner E. Hodges plus guests £10adv


TUESDAY 28th  Dark Cell plus guests Phantom Sea.  FREE ENTRY


FRIDAY 31st  Towers of London plus guests The Tip & Takeaway Thieves £7adv £10otd




SATURDAY 1st & SUNDAY 2nd Hang Tight Festival Ft. SHVPES, MALLORY KNOX,       In Visions, Rxptrs, On Hollow Ground, Avarus, Tickets available from Hang Tight Promotions or £15adv


TUESDAY 4th Alvin Gibbs & The Disobedient Servants plus Criminal Mind £8otd


THURSDAY 6th Dan Baird & Homemade Sin plus Guests  £15adv  £17.50otd


FRIDAY 7th EMPYR/ Ryders Creed / Thirteen Stars. Free Entry


SATURDAY 8th  Kimberly Jennett plus Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters £10adv £12otd


SUNDAY 9th   Lolo Montez


MONDAY 10th The Real McKenzies plus guests. £7otd


FRIDAY 14th Happy Mondaze plus guests Parka Monkeys £5otd


Saturday 15th Britpop Reboot Blur 2 v's Pulp'd.  £8adv £10otd


SUNDAY 16th The Varukers plus The Awkwards & Concussion £5adv £7.50otd


FRIDAY 21st  Korn Again & Alice In Chains UK  £8otd


SATURDAY 22nd   Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts £10adv


SUNDAY 23rd The Adolesents plus Angry Itch & Berlin Blackouts £10adv


THURSDAY 27th  Reno Divorce plus guests.  FREE ENTRY


FRIDAY 28th  Terrorvision SOLD OUT


SATURDAY 29th  Crooked Shapes & Dig Lazarus FREE ENTRY


SUNDAY 30th   Chelsea plus Guests £10adv £12otd




FRIDAY 5th The Membranes plus guests £8adv £10otd


SATURDAY 6th Elektrio. Free Entry


SUNDAY 7th Punk Events Present, Wasted Life plus guests. Free Entry


FRIDAY 12th  Danny Vaughn (Acoustic) plus guests Soldato £12adv £15otd


SATURDAY 13th The Immediates / Small Weller / Parka Monkeys £5adv


SUNDAY 14th  




FRIDAY 19th  Cartoon Violence plus guests Cartoon Food £3otd


SATURDAY 20th Motley Crude & Poizoned £6otd 


SUNDAY 21st  Richard 3rd (Afternoon Show From 3pm) Free Entry


WEDNESDAY 24th  Crobot plus Guests Wolf Jaw & Dig Lazarus £13adv  £16otd


THURSDAY 25th Alvin Youngblood Hart's Muscle Theory £12.50adv


FRIDAY 26th 


SATURDAY 27th  The Wedding Present plus Guests. Tickets £20 from Seetickets, Eventim & Ticketmaster


SUNDAY 28th  




FRIDAY 2nd True Order & Laid (New Order & James Tribute) £6otd


SATURDAY 3rd Boomshanka. Free Entry


THURSDAY 8th   CANCER BATS plus Loath & Avarus £15adv


FRIDAY 9th Equinox (The Pink Floyd Experience) £5otd


SATURDAY 10th Guns or Roses (Guns N Roses Tribute) plus Edenthorne £6otd


FRIDAY 16th Waterloo Mod Events Present, Who's Next (The Who Tribute) £6otd


SATURDAY 17th Green Haze (Green Day Tribute) $5otd


SUNDAY 18th  


THURSDAY 22nd  Skinny Molly plus guests £15.00adv 


FRIDAY 23rd 


SATURDAY 24th Smokin Monkey Charity Party Ft, Smokin Monkey,  Dirty Work  & Rupert Fabulous Tickets £6.66


SUNDAY 25th Blaze Bayley plus guests  £10adv £13otd


MONDAY 26th  Geoff Tate plus Gin Annie £17.50adv £20otd. Seetickets & The Venue


WEDNESDAY 28th  DORJA plus Guests Bastette £5.00otd


THURSDAY 29th   


FRIDAY 30th  Zal Cleminson's Sin Dog's plus guests  £12adv £15otd


SATURDAY 31st Cydonia Knights (MUSE TRIBUTE) plus Iffy Clyro (Biffy Clyro Tribute) £6otd




SUNDAY 1st Catfish plus guests £10adv. £13otd


Thursday 5th Heavy Pettin & Rock Godess £15adv £18otd


Wednesday 4th  Cabin Boy Jumped Shp plus Avarus £5adv £7otd


FRIDAY 6th   The Rising Souls plus Revival Black £5adv £7otd


SATURDAY 7th AKA Noel Gallagher £5otd


SUNDAY 8th   Enuff Z'nuff & Last Great Dreamers  £12adv  £15otd




FRIDAY 13th Cult Fiction / Queens Of The Tone Age (The Cult & QOTSA Tribute) £5otd 


SATURDAY 14th Senton Bombs plus guests, Free Entry


SUNDAY 15th  Warwound plus guests


THURSDAY 19th  JJ Marsh plus Guests. Tickets via Skiddle £15adv


                             BLACKPOOL MUSIC FESTIVAL 2K19.   20th, 21st, 22nd


FRIDAY 20th   Bar Stool Preachers, Millie Manders & The Shutup, Ariel Salad.  Seetickets & The Venue £10adv £15otd


SATURDAY 21st  Novatones plus Parka Monkey's,  Rosa, Getsettes & The Ebeneeze




FRIDAY 27th KISS GB & Dizzy Lizzy (KISS & THIN LIZZY Tribute) £8otd


SATURDAY 28th Elektrio.  Free Entry


SUNDAY 29th  Felix Rabin plus guests £10adv £12otd


MONDAY 30th   Alcatrazz plus guests  £18adv £20otd




FRIDAY 4th Surreal Panther / Van Halen UK  £7otd 


SATURDAY 5th Metal Millitia (Metallica Tribute) £6.00 adv £7.50otd


SUNDAY 6th  Ferocious Dog plus Guests  £16.50adv £20otd


WEDNESDAY 9th  Stray £10otd


THURSDAY 10th   Martin Stephenson  £14.00 from & HMV Blackpool


FRIDAY 11th Kite Club Presents The Stumble plus Guests £10otd


SATURDAY 12th Special Kind Of Madness £10adv  £14otd Tickets Available From Seetickets


SUNDAY 13th   One Way System plus guests £5otd


FRIDAY 18th  The Massive Weekend Rock Festival (SOLD OUT)


SATURDAY 19th The Massive Weekend Rock Festival (SOLD OUT)


SUNDAY 20th 


MONDAY 21st  Griever, Ashes to Angels & Avarus  £7.00otd


WEDNESDAT 23rd  Sons of Liberty plus Scarlet Rebels £5otd


THURSDAY 24th  Louder Than War presents... Dirty Laces & The Lathums £6adv £8otd available from & HMV Blackpool


FRIDAY 25th Twisted System / Motorkill  £7otd


SATURDAY 26th Rupert Fabulous's Halloween Hootenanny. Free Entry


SUNDAY 27th  XENTRIX plus guests £7.50adv £10otd


WEDNESDAY 30th  The Vintage Caravan plus guests £10adv £12otd


THURSDAY 31st  Johnny Deathshadow plus guests FREE ENTRY




FRIDAY 1st  


SATURDAY 2nd The Machine Rages On plus Deftones UK £5otd


SUNDAY 3rd  Vice Squad plus Guests £5otd




THURSDAY 7th  Eye The Bomb. Album Launch Party FREE ENTRY


FRIDAY 8th - SUNDAY 10th Highway To Hellfest III Details To Be Announced Soon


THURSDAY 14th   Rock Choir Night  FREE ENTRY


FRIDAY 15th Backstreet Thunder & Lovehunter (Thunder & Whitesnake Tribute) £8otd


SATURDAY 16th  Midnight City plus Guests £8otd


SUNDAY 17th  Elles Bailey plus guestd £12adv


WEDNESDAY 20th   Monster Truck plus guests  £20adv £24otd


THURSDAY 21st  Blackwater Conspiracy plus Guests £8adv £10otd


FRIDAY 22nd Kite Club Presents Sinnerboy £5otd


SATURDAY 23rd The Heat, Free Entry


SUNDAY 24th Pat McManus Band plus Guests  £10adv  £12otd


THURSDAY 28th   Uli Jon Roth £18adv £20otd


FRIDAY 29th The Urban Voodoo Machine £12adv £15otd 


SATURDAY 30th  Ryan McCombs plus guests £12.50adv £15otd




SUNDAY 1st   Pete Way Band plus guests £18adv £20otd


WEDNESDAY 4th  Dan Baird & The Homemade Sin plus guests £15adv £18otd


FRIDAY 6th Woasis (Oasis Tribute) plus Appy Mondays (Happy Mondays Tribute) £8otd


SATURDAY 7th The Mod Christmas Ball £20adv


WEDNESDAY 11th  John Corabi plus guest Tony Mitchell £13adv £15otd


THURSDAY 12th  Dreadzone plus Guests £17.50adv £20otd


FRIDAY 13th  The Mighty Wah presents... The Pete Wylie Show £16adv £20otd. Tickets available from Skiddle, The Venue & HMV Blackpool


SATURDAY 14th  Stevie Pearce plus & The Hooligans guests  £5otd


SUNDAY 15th   Laura Cox plus Doomsdsy Outlaw £8otd


SATURDAY 21st Dirty Work's Christmas Monkey Buisness Ft. Dirty Work & Smokin Monkey. Free Entry


FRIDAY 27th  Tofu Fighters plus guests FREE ENTRY


SATURDAY 28th Rupert Fabulous New Year Warm Up.

Free Entry