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The Waterloo Music Bar


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The Kite Club

A long time ago, in a decade far, far away (the 80's) the music venues were full of bands playing Duran Duran covers and dodgy versions of All Right Now......


Just when we thought all hope was lost, along came a freedom fighter. His name became the stuff of legend. He was Mick Schofield. He thought that if he booked great bands, the people would come. So he did, and they did, and it was good.


The Kite club was born! It continued for many years. After Mick's untimely death the tradition was continued by Don, Stuart and errr, me.


Great names appeared such as Walter Trout, Joe Bonamassa, Sherman Robertson, Albert Lee, Bert Jansch, King King, Chris Farlowe etc...


It has lain dormant for a few years now but the baton has been picked up again by Ian Fletcher and The Waterloo.


Ian has worked hard over the last year or so to build up a great music venue in Blackpool at The Waterloo. He wants to now provide regular blues/rock nights under the banner of The Kite Club.



The Kite Flies On..........


Alan Pearson