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At The Waterloo we offer free accommodation for bands that prefer to stay the night and freshen up if they're on tour.

We have 2 "backstage" rooms, Room 1 accommodates 6 people to sleep in ( 6 single beds ) and also offers resources for beverage refreshments and 2 couches with a coffee table for bands to chill out before and after the show. Room 2 accommodates 4 people to sleep in ( 2 double beds ) and also offers 2 couches and a coffee table with resources for beverage refreshments, this room is available to any support bands or crew members that wish to chill out before/after a show. Both rooms have plug sockets and mirrors for any extra need.

We also have showers that are available for any band/crew members if they wish to freshen up, there are also toilets and sinks for bands to use in the "backstage" area.  


Capacity & Layout

Total audience capacity is 300. Directly in front of the stage is standing with crowd barriers.


Seating with a stage view is available in the Live Lounge to the rear of the live room. Lemmy’s Bar and the Pool Room have large screens with live audio and video during gigs. All screens can be used for custom graphics before and after a gig. Load In Details. Loading is via double doors next to stage. The main double doors to the venue can also be used.


There is free parking onsite. Band Rooms and Accommodation. There are two bands rooms, one for 6 people and on for 4 people. Both with fridges and seating areas. Kitchen, showers and toilets located next to the band rooms.


The Stage size is 7m x 4m with a drum riser 2.4m x 1.8m. The stage height is 0.5m from the floor. During load in the full stage is accessible across the front and 3 steps to the side. 85” screen to the rear of the drum riser for band graphics and videos. If specific graphics, logos or videos are required please bring them on USB flash drive. We can also provide an HDMI uplink to The Waterloo graphics management system. 


Stage Power; Direct 32A and 16A supply to the side of the stage. 32 x 13A wall mounted sockets across the stage. 


Stage Video and Streaming The Waterloo has a permanent onsite production facility. The stage is covered by 7 Black Magic cameras, additional cameras are used as required. Audio and video are connected to a Blackmagic Iso Extreme or a vMix editing suite. Live streaming, recording and further technical information are available upon request. We would ask for as much notice as possible should recording or streaming be required.


There is a full stage permanent lighting system at The Waterloo together with an in-house lighting engineer. For specific lighting requirements please let us know in advance.

Sound & In House Equipment

Desk: Analog 1 x Midas Heritage 3000 44+4 Channel Mixer Outboard: 6 x BSS 404 4 Channel Compressor De-esser 2 x 2 x 3 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x PA: 4 x 2 x 2 x (All Drawmer DS404 4 Channel Gate Drawmer DS201 2 Channel Gate BSS FCS-960 Dual Channel 30-Band Graphic EQ Meyer Sound CP-10 Stereo Parametric EQ Klark Teknik DN410 Parametric EQ Lexicon PCM 60 Digital Reverb TC Electronic D-Two Digital Delay 18” Subs 2x15” Low Mid Boxes 2x10”+Coaxial 2”+1” HF Driver Mid/Top Boxes BMS/18Sound Drivers and Horns) 


Monitors: 4 x 12”+1” Monitors 2 x 15”+1” Monitors (All BMS/18Sound/B&C Drivers and Horns) Amps: 1 x T.amp Proline 3000 2 x T.amp TSA4-1300 2 x T.amp TSA4-300


Other: 40/8 Multicore stage rear to FOH 16/4 Multicore stage front to FOH Microphones: 1 x AKG D112 1 x Audix D6 1 x Audix Fireball 4 x Audix OM7 2 x Beyerdynamic m201 2 x Beyerdynamic MC 930 4 x Sennheiser e904 1 x Sennheiser e935 4 x Shure SM57 6 x Shure SM58 1 x Shure Beta 56 2 x Shure Beta 91 4 x Shure Beta 98 DI boxes: 1 x Little Labs Redeye DI/Reamp Box 1 x Klark Teknik DI200 (2 Channel) 1 x DBX DI4 (4 Channel) 1 x BSS AR133 Mic Stands: 8 x K&M Tall Boom 1 x Beyerdynamic Short Boom 4 x Z-Bar 3 x LP Claw 2 x Gravity MAMH 01 Mic Clamp 1 x Stagg Hi-Hat Mic Clamp 


Backline: 1 x Peavey 5150 Guitar Amp Head 1 x Framus Dragon Guitar Amp Head 1 x Mesa Dual Rectifier Tremoverb 2x12 Guitar Amp Combo 1 x Mesa Dual Rectifier 4x12 Guitar Cab 1 x Orange PPC412 4x12 Guitar Cab 1 x Marshall 1969 4x12 Cab 1 x Ampeg PF350 Bass Amp Head 2 x Ampeg SVT210-AV 2x10 Bass Cab 1 x Mark Bass Little Mark II Bass Amp Head 1 x Mark Bass Standard 102 HF 2x10 + HF Bass Cab Premier Artist Birch Drum Kit consisting of: 1 x 22” Bass Drum 1 x 14” Snare 1 x 12” Rack Tom 1 x 13” Rack Tom 1 x 16” Floor Tom An additional 14” Premier Artist Birch Floor Tom is also available in a virtually matching finish to the rest of the kit. Evans drumheads throughout Hardware: 1 x Drum Stool 1 x Hi-Hat Stand (2 leg) 1 x Snare Stand 3 x Cymbal Boom Stands

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